Reasons Your Listing Has Expired

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Real Estate

There’s nothing more discouraging than having your home's listing expire. You’ve gone to all the
trouble of staging your home, spending weekends and evenings running out the door to
accommodate last minute showings and have nothing to show for it. The good news is there
are real reasons why your home didn’t sell. Understanding these reasons can help you do
things differently when you relist.

Condition – Most home buyers are able to see beyond slight imperfections, but it’s
important to offer a clean, neat home free from chipping paint, clutter and debris.
Photographs – Most of today’s buyers start their home online, you must showcase your
home through media first in order to entice the buyers to make an appointment.
Price – One of the worst things a seller can do is “test the waters.” Many buyers will
write off the home because they view you as unrealistic. After a listing has been on the
market for a while, buyers then assume there is something wrong with the home, when
in fact the sellers are just waiting for an offer.
Poor Exposure – Homes don’t sell themselves, buyers need to see the home. Make
showings easy by using a lockbox and holding open houses.
Wrong Agent – Not all agents are alike. The agent needs to be actively involved in the
sale, not simply waiting for offers to land in their inbox.

Avoid the frustrating experience of having your home listing expire by understanding ahead of
time the possible issues which can cause the listing to sit on the market. Knowing the possible
pitfalls reduces the chance of an expiring listing and helps you sell your home for a great price
and terrific terms.